5 Must Do's As Your City Reopens | Muse Health

5 Must Do's As Your City Reopens | Muse Health

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For most Americans, the wait for a true return to normalcy is nearly over! As the heat of summer starts to come down and the panic of COVID is finally subsiding, many states and cities are beginning to reopen the numerous attractions and community destinations which were previously closed by the coronavirus pandemic in line with the CDC's guidelines. Now, over one year later, friends and families are heading out in search of fun activities to make up for last year’s troubles!

Not sure which outings to plan first? Here are five of the best things to do with others as your city reopens!

Head Out to the Water

Whether you’re near the beach, the lake, the waterpark, or a local community pool, plan some time to soak up the sun with a splash of family-friendly water activities! Many water attractions were either shut down or heavily regulated last year as most people stayed in their homes. This year is the perfect opportunity to catch some rays and work on that tan again!

If you expect to be in the sun for extended periods of time (especially swimming or boating), be sure to avoid sunburn by applying plenty of sunscreen. Many people haven’t been in the sun much after the COVID-influenced lockdowns and quarantines. This means we’re all particularly susceptible to skin damage from sunlight! Take the necessary precautions to ensure your summer recreation activities are safe for the whole family!

As a bonus: have some quarantine weight to burn off? Swimming provides good cardio exercise to get you back on your feet. Getting out in the sun also gives your body plenty of vitamin D to cure the cabin fever blues of staying inside for too long. What better time to get some fresh air than summer, especially with the reopening of so many beloved water attractions? Pack a swim suit and head out while the heat’s on!

Catch A Movie

Yet another beloved pastime which bore the brunt of the pandemic’s regulations: movie-going. Countless theaters were forced to close their doors in 2020, with only a select few showing your favorite films with limited capacity and strict social distancing. A few even converted to drive-in experiences! But now that public spaces are reopening, movie theaters are slowly emerging back into the spotlight, providing another fantastic outing option for you and your loved ones!

Over the pandemic, most film lovers settled for watching their television shows and movies from streaming services at home. But nothing quite beats the experience of buying your tickets at the ticket booth, grabbing some popcorn, and settling down for a new blockbuster’s opening night. With many theaters back in business, you can expect top-notch movie experiences on the big screen once again!

Until further notice, remember that movie theaters are in similar situations as other venues reopening this summer. Be sure to have patience with the limited staff available at your favorite movie spot; they’re working their way back to normal operations, too!

Plan A Restaurant Outing

Group of friends out to dinner

A public meal with friends—such a simple activity which was unfortunately swindled from many people last year. Restaurants and cafes were amongst the businesses who suffered the most from COVID regulations, having to sacrifice capacity and even staff while occupancy limits were enforced. While some eateries who used efficient safety measures were impacted less than franchise locations, many restaurants lost profit as a result of fewer guests throughout 2020.

Now that many states are reopening, a wide selection of your favorite indoor dining experiences are back to full capacity and eager to serve you and your loved ones once again! Be sure to take a few nights out this summer to grab a meal and catch up with friends and family. After all, brunch in a public setting feels refreshing after innumerable quarantine nights of takeout, curbside pickup, and microwavable food!

Just remember to always be respectful with the staff—although these locations might be fully back in business, the majority of restaurants find themselves understaffed for the influx of summer patrons expected this season. Additionally, some eat-outs will still require guests to wear masks or opt for outdoor dining options according to safety protocols, so go prepared!

Go Shopping

When was the last time you were able to head into your favorite store and browse the selection without needing to wear a face covering, mind your social distancing, or measure capacity limits? Now, as grocery stores and retail businesses are receiving the word to ease up on their regulations, shoppers can finally enjoy heading out to their choice outlets again without too many COVID distractions getting in the way of the fun!

A major hindrance to the shopping experience in 2020 was keeping up with the different requirements at multiple stores, particularly family-owned locations. But with the reopening of states and cities, most retail shops are harkening back to a pre-COVID experience just like we remember it. That means less gets in your way when it comes time to find summer clothing and outdoor gear for the other activities you have planned!

Just remember: COVID vaccination is still often required to forgo the use of a face masks in many stores.

Support Local Businesses and Events

Don’t forget to support your local community while searching for summer getaway fun! Many small businesses, regional events, and state parks were forced to postpone or cancel their operations in the summer of 2020 while the quarantine was still in full swing. Eager for another chance to bring people together, these community locales and events would love nothing more than to see your participation and support this year!

Small shops and family-owned businesses are beginning to open their doors again with regulations easing up across the nation this summer. Children's Museums, farmers markets, ice-cream parlors, gift shops, skating rinks, amusement parks, national parks, art museum galleries, historical sites, and other cultural establishments are likely still trying to recover from the profit loss after being closed last year—if they even managed to escape bankruptcy. Visiting these hidden gems not only helps your community, but also makes for some great summer memories. What’s not to love?

Regional events such as walks, races, festivals, charity events, parties, and exhibitions are also making a comeback after lying dormant last year. Taking part in community-sponsored events will certainly bring back a sense of normalcy to everyone involved. Be sure to purchase entry tickets and include some local festivities in your summer itinerary!

Whether you’re heading out for a cordial cup of coffee or a family reunion dinner at a local restaurant, be sure to come prepared with hand sanitizer to keep your immune system happy and healthy!