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If you think about it, hand sanitizer is pretty remarkable. Before its invention and widespread use, the only method of cleaning hands was hand washing with soap and water. And while lathering hands with antibacterial soap is still highly recommended, hand sanitizers completely changed the game. Small and filled with antimicrobial ingredients, portable hand sanitizers allow people to bring an extra degree of hand hygiene and safety with them wherever they go. Specifically, during the era of covid, the merits of using hand sanitizer to cleanse hands have been well documented and lauded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration(FDA).


However, did you know that these clear substances can be used for more than just cleaning your hands? Because of its ingredients, (mainly ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol), it can work on surfaces that you may have never thought of. You're more than welcome to experiment with alcohol-free hand sanitizer but for the purposes of this, use alcohol-based sanitizer brands like purell or others you can find on amazon.


Get ready to learn about the different uses of hand sanitizer and how this substance offers more than just clean hands during this pandemic.

Cleaning Cell Phone with Hand Sanitizer

Clean Your Phone Screen on the Go

If there is one thing that everyone in the world is addicted to, it's their cell phone. With the ability to make phone calls, access the internet, watch movies, create web applications, and facetime with friends around the world, phones have become the most precious possession in the lives of many.


With so much use, the likelihood that your phone will fall or touch soiled surfaces exponentially increases. Think about it this way, if you retrace your steps and think about all of the surfaces that you place your phone, the number of germs and infectious diseases that are transmitted could make anyone’s skin crawl.


In a study performed by the University of Arizona, it was found that cellphones carry approximately 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats. Let that sink in. Add on top of that, most of us check our phones multiple times an hour. With all that activity, it becomes pretty obvious that all cell phones could use a deep clean.  


With its high alcohol concentration, hand sanitizers are the perfect substance to clean cell phones. Just dab a few drops onto a cloth towel and wipe every area. For those who use phone cases, make sure to take the case off and clean the entire phone.

Cleaning Glasses with Hand Sanitizer

Say Goodbye to Smeared Glasses

Isn’t it frustrating that no matter how careful you are with your glasses, they always manage to have dirt on them? Even with the use of protective cases, dirt seems to find a way to penetrate through anything. While cleaning solutions obviously work, you can use hand sanitizer gel as an excellent substitute. Although sanitizer is tough on germs, it will not cause any harm to your glasses. You only need a little bit of sanitizer to make a major difference in the appearance and feel of your spectacles.


And if you’re someone who likes using hairspray, disinfecting hand sanitizer removes specs as well.

Cleaning Marker Stain with Hand Sanitizer

Erase Permanent Marker

Permanent marker is both a blessing and a curse. We use it to ensure that things never get erased but when we do make mistakes, you are forced to scratch things out, leaving a messy and unprofessional look. Well, did you know that hand sanitizer can diminish or completely erase “permanent” marker?


Although hand sanitizer is known for being fast-acting on hands, for it to work on a permanent marker, you have to let the solution sit for about 10 minutes before attempting to remove the area.


If you’re worried about putting disinfectant hand sanitizer on things like fabric, spot test to see if the solution you’re using works.

Hands Getting Sticky with Honey

Remove Residue From Sticky Fingers

Although this use deals with hands, most people don’t think of using hand sanitizer to remove stickiness. Hand sanitizer is extremely effective and versatile. Unfortunately, there are times when your hands will come in contact with something sticky. While it would be ideal to have a faucet and sink available, that is not always the case.


With its moisturizing consistency, hand sanitizer will break down adhesive substances, leaving your hands feeling fresh and smooth. Some hand sanitizers even have ingredients like vitamin e or aloe vera to ensure that your fingers don't dry out.

Greasy Stain on Shirt

Remove Greasy Stains in a Second

Not all stains are created equal. Every person has placed a heavily stained shirt or jeans into the washer and dryer and then checked to see how it looks afterward. Unfortunately for many, some stains are hard to remove. For those hard to fight stains, hand sanitizer is great to use before putting your clothes in the washer. As with permanent marker accidents, let the sanitizer sit on stains for a few minutes so the active ingredients can begin the process of breaking down the grease.


It is advised to use unscented and uncolored sanitizers like MUSE Health Fragrance Free Hand Sanitizer because they are less intrusive and harsh on clothing.

There's Always More Than Meets the Eye

There’s Always More Than Meets the Eye

Hand sanitizer can help more than just your hands. Even during the times of the coronavirus and the flu season, sanitizers can help with more just healthcare. For people on the go, hand sanitizer can become your all-in-one product to keep all areas of your life neat and tidy. If you’re looking for a hand sanitizer that will never disappoint whether in the United States or abroad, check out MUSE Health to get your hands on a travel hand sanitizer which helps you accomplish your needs and while being able to kill germs and having glycerin that keeps hands moist. That being said, as the World Health Organization would say, always remember to wash your hands.