5 Ways to Celebrate Labor Day Weekend | Muse Health

5 Ways to Celebrate Labor Day Weekend | Muse Health

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Ever wonder the best way to celebrate Labor Day on September 6th? After all, there is no strict tradition surrounding the federal holiday, and that could very well be the intention: a day for people to take a break from strenuous working conditions, refocus, and do anything they like in place of a workday. Historically, the first Labor Day was created back in 1882 when the New York City’s Central Labor Union wanted to create a day off for its workers. Eventually it was signed by President Grover Cleveland that the first Monday of September every year would act as a labor movement holiday—and the history of Labor Day soon grew into a nationwide acknowledgement of the importance of rest!

But just because Labor Day looks more like a typical long weekend doesn’t mean you can’t plan something special around it. Here are five ways to celebrate Labor Day weekend if you’re out of ideas.

Plan a Picnic

A perk of Labor Day involves its timing in early September, when the weather is nice and warm just before the autumn breezes begin to blow in. With the heat just starting to ebb at the end of summer, Labor Day is the perfect time to organize a picnic or grill-out with friends and family. Whether you schedule a hot dog cookout at a local park in Memorial Day fashion, a roast in your backyard, or even an old-fashioned checker-blanket-on-the-ground picnic, the weather is likely to accommodate your meal this time of the year!

And if you’re feeling particularly festive and your state allows it, you might even be able to find some fireworks to shoot off similarly to Fourth of July to bring your Labor Day Weekend to a resounding American conclusion. Just be careful to keep the firecrackers pointed away from others!

Organize a Shopping Trip

Who said shopping couldn’t be a form of celebration in itself? Hot on the heels of the back-to-school rush, many outlets host Labor Day sales to clear out their summer stock. Stores with high quality products such as furniture or clothing also often mark down their prices on select items in Labor Day Sales Events, meaning you can finally find a huge bargain on that new outfit that sat in your online cart for months!

Shopping on Labor Day weekend is also a great way to send off summer clothing, fashion, and other activities. Be on the lookout for discounted swimsuits and sunglasses—and don’t forget to get your favorite summer drink to wrap up the spree! A cruise downtown with the car windows down doesn’t sound too bad, either.

Attend a Labor Day Parade

Parades are a staple of several U.S. holidays…and one of them is Labor Day! Many parades are already organizing throughout the country to honor your state’s hard workers. If you’ve put in your fair share of work hours this year, why not visit one of the parades and celebrate with the people in your community?

Although some street parades have been postponed until next year thanks to COVID-19, plenty of others are still planning to meet with ample precautions taken into consideration. If you’ve never had the pleasure of watching a parade for yourself, shake things up a little this year and find a Labor Day parade closest to you!

Embark on Outdoor Activities

Labor Day is positioned right around the time summer comes to a close. As sad as that is, the summer weather doesn’t usually let up until late September in most areas of the U.S., meaning you have the opportunity to devote part of your three-day weekend to enjoyment outdoors! Some popular summer options include cycling, swimming, hiking, scuba diving, road trips, and jogging. There are plenty of trails to be found all across America, and by early September they’re still green and flourishing. Strap on some boots and see where they take you!

Another prime use of the national holiday is to plan a beach day with your loved ones. This could be your last chance to kick back in the sand before cool weather blows in, so make it count on your day off! If you don’t live near the coast, a nearby lake or pool can also work. Just don’t forget the sunscreen—it’s still summertime, after all!

No Shame in a Staycation

Give yourself some credit; chances are your hard work this year deserves a break. Having a dedicated day to rest and decompress from your job is exactly what Labor Day is all about: celebrating the achievements of American workers. Although we recommend getting at least some mileage out of the holiday by spending it away from home with family and friends…there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using it as a staycation, either.

If you’re in the market for some alone time, there are plenty of ways to stay productive at home during the holiday weekend while also taking it easy. Why not read a book you’ve been putting off? Or finish knitting the sweater you’ve had in the works? How about looking up some fun new recipes to cook? The choices are endless—just make sure you don’t work too hard, or that will defeat the purpose of the public holiday!

Disease Isn’t Invited

With COVID regulations easing up, this Labor Day will see many people coming together in ways that they haven’t since the lockdown last year. This is exciting, of course, but also requires some foresight to make sure germs aren’t bouncing from person to person like a game of hot potato. All it takes is a little carelessness for the pandemic to ramp up full force again!

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