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Hands Up For Your City | Muse Health

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As cities open up and people are out and about traveling and enjoying the summer weather, Muse Health is giving you a taste of some of our favorite cities! This summer, we highlight must visit destinations and food spots the locals love. We will be featuring 4 cities below, starting with the Big Apple.

Whether traveling with us or joining us from the place you call home, throw your Hands Up For Your City! And remember, keep your hands protected and hydrated at all times.

New York

Coffee Shop:

Perfect Picnic Spot:
Little Island

Best NYC Slice:
Prince Street Pizza

Fun activity:
Rooftop movie at Mottley Kitchen

Brooklyn Flea market

City Essentials:
Reusable water bottle Ara

New York Partner Spotlight

The Free Store Project, Inc is committed to restoring hope, one community shelf at a time. Every Free Store is accessible to the public 24/7. Volunteer run and sustained by public donations- people take what they need and give when they can. We got in touch with them for a round of 11 questions. Check out their responses!




1. What do you like most about the Muse Health Hand Sanitizer?

I love Muse’s commitment to the People. Working with movers, shakers and caregivers helps bring their amazing product and message to all types of hands. I stock each of our locations with Muse Health Hand Sanitizer and our Volunteers love using it after each visit. The amazing scent really adds to the act of self-care as a reward after a cleaning shift.

2. When/where do you find you use the most hand sanitizer?

Each event we have a bottle for attendees and our team. I drop some off at the Free Stores any time I visit. I use my lifetime supply for the good of my community!

3. How important do you feel socially responsible or consciously crafted products when choosing a hand sanitizer?

It’s important that I support socially responsible and conscious messaging all the time! I push myself to do better every day and I respect accountability when present in all forms. Real recognize Real.

4. What is the one thing you want people to know about The Free Store Project?

Things are changing as the pandemic lifts, but our need to care and provide for each other will never end. The power of Love in all its forms is not a fad. Mutual care, community and connection, I’ve found, is the single most important thing in life and the Free Stores embody that- daily. Visit one or create your own! We can help.

5. What makes the culture of Brooklyn different from the other boroughs?

It’s not by coincidence we chose Biggie’s lyrics as our motto! “Spread Love, it’s the Brooklyn way” Visit one or create your own! We can help. We love the artists who have embraced the project and left treasures for their fans and followers- I feel that’s unique to the landscape of BK

6. Favorite thing to do to beat the summer heat?

Running or biking through a hydrant is my go-to!

7. Things you are most excited to do in NYC now that things are opening up?

I’m excited to keep going with the Project and host more events and PopUps all over the city. It’s going to be a beautiful thing to finally see people’s smiles again without masks.

8. What's your favorite coffee shop? Your go-to order?

I love Porto Rico Importing Co- all day every day. It’s like an immersive coffee and culture experience without a passport. I’m an iced Americano girl and dirty soy Chai when I’m treating myself!

9. Best place for a New York slice?

Dollar slices always hit the spot. I'm always on the go- which is a very NY thang so quick and easy is my jam.

10. Pro tips for taking the (train/metro/subway)?

Keep your Metrocard loaded and always swipe someone on when you can- pay it forward. Not everyone can afford public transit and you never know how powerful that small act can be for someone. And when you’re actually on the train enjoy the ride. It’s nice to just be present with people for the short amount of time all of our lives are intersecting at once.

11. The one thing you should always carry with you while out and about?

Peace. Find your zen and tap into it- you’re gonna need it.


Free Stores are for everyone!

Los Angeles

Best place to read a book:
Fern Dell Nature Center

Best Acaï Bowl:
Amaze Bowls

Best Sunset:
El Matador Estate Beach

Fun activity:
Yoga Class at ONE DOWN DOG - echo park

Best Avocado Toast:
Backyard Bowls

City Essential:
Fragrance Free Hand Sanitizer

Los Angeles Partner Spotlight

We are proud to call California home, and we’re committed to being good neighbors in the communities where we live and work. Therefore we donated thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer to @Baby2Baby, a non-profit organization that provides children living in poverty with diapers, clothing and all the basic necessities that every child deserves.⁠

"Throughout the pandemic, families living in poverty have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 leading to record job loss, unprecedented food insecurity and children falling behind in school," said Jen Armstrong, COO of Baby2Baby. "We are so grateful to Muse Health for providing thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer to help keep the families we serve safe and protected from COVID-19, especially as children return to the classroom this fall."⁠

Click this link to learn more about baby2baby and their outstanding work!⁠

Las Vegas

The best place for a view of the strip:
High Roller

Best tourist attraction:
Fremont Street

Best Restaurant Off The Strip:
Bardot Brasserie

Best hike near Las Vegas:
Mount Charleston

Best Museum:
Neon Museum

City Essential:
Muse Health Hand Sanitizer

Las Vegas Partner Spotlight

We enrich the lives of our community by assisting them in maintaining independence, by providing nutritious food, human connections, and social support. We also use our expertise and capacity to serve other nutritionally at-risk populations. We bring in youth to man these events and teach them leadership and life skills while at P4H. They leave with information to help them pursue their future with confidence.




1. What do you like most about the Muse Health Hand Sanitizer? The clean smell left on your hands.

The clean smell left on your hands.

2. When/where do you find you use the most hand sanitizer?

At the Pantry, we deal with a lot of different people and a lot of potential diseases or sicknesses.

3. What ingredients do you look for in a hand sanitizer to ensure it won’t dry out your hands?

We look for aloe, coca butter etc.

4. What is the one thing you want people to know about Project 4 Humanity?

Project 4 Humanity stands for the Homeless and not against them. We provide HELP.

5. What is your favorite local restaurant off the strip?

We love BOMB Tacos!

6. Thing are you most excited to do in Las Vegas when everything is back open?

We are excited to see more youth and our pantry volunteering.

7. Tips for beating the desert heat?

Stay inside with the air down.

8. The best place for a view of the strip?

The best view I have seen would be coming back to las Vegas from the Speed way.

9. Your favorite tourist attraction?

Fremont Street.

10. Best thing to do for those who are not into gambling and the casinos?

Have lunch, go shopping.

11. The one thing you should always carry with you while out and about?



Best view of the Space Needle:
Gas Works Park

Best Coffee Shop:
Social Grounds

Best thing to do on a rainy day: Indulge your inner bookworm at the Seattle Public Library

Best Sea Food Restaurant:
The Walrus And The Carpenter

The absolute best hike in Washington:
Hike up to Lake 22

City Essentials: A bottle of Muse Health Hand Sanitizer & an umbrella from Certain Standard

Seattle Partner Spotlight

We are a group of high schoolers that have joined this initiative, and started a Break the Outbreak chapter in Seattle, WA who aim to create face masks and face shields to donate them to local businesses, restaurants, seniors, hospital, care facility, grocery stores, and the general public that do not have much or any. The purpose of our organization is to assist the public in staying safe and healthy in these unprecedented times.




1. What do you like most about the Muse Health Hand Sanitizer?

My favorite part of the Muse Health Hand sanitizer, aside from the fact that it protects me and keeps me safe, is the way it’s packaged. I love the simple and elegant design that makes me feel good about carrying it everywhere I go!

2. When/where do you find you use the most hand sanitizer?

Recently I’ve found myself using the most hand sanitizer when I’m traveling or running errands. I always have a couple bottles handy in my car to use as soon as I’ve stepped out of a store or public place.

3. How has this campaign helped Break The Outbreak?

With Muse Health Sanitizer’s generous donations, not only has our team been practicing safe hygiene, but our local communities in need have benefited from the protection these hand sanitizers provide.

4. What is the one thing you want people to know about Break The Outbreak?

Break the Outbreak is an entirely student-run non-profit organization with chapters all over the country that hopes to raise awareness about the ongoing pandemic and protect our local communities by providing them with personal protective equipment like masks, shields, and hand sanitizers. We care deeply about the well-being of those around us and aspire to give back to those who need resources the most!

5. What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day??

My favorite thing to do on a rainy day would most definitely be to read a good book in my sun room, with the sound of the rain in the background.

6. Which coffee spot Is your favorite?

Though I’m not much of a coffee person myself, my current favorite coffee shop is Social Grounds!

7. What excites you most about this summer?

I am super excited to try out new restaurants in Seattle this summer with my friends as places begin to open up.

8. Best hike spot?

The absolute best hike in Washington is the hike up to Lake 22! The refreshing view at the top is certainly worth the challenging workout.

9. What's your favorite dessert?

I recently just discovered Tiramisu and I am now OBSESSED with it, cannot believe it took me this long to discover it.

10. Your favorite tourist location?

My favorite tourist place near me is Gas Works Park. The green scene is the perfect location to play some yard games, go for a nice stroll, or to even just have a simple picnic with friends and family.

And that concludes the list of some of our favorite summer cities. We hope you get to experience some of the spots listed above yourself. And lastly, whether you’re heading out for a cordial cup of coffee or a family reunion dinner at a local restaurant, be sure to come prepared with hand sanitizer to keep your immune system happy and healthy!