Little Hands in Candy Bowls this Halloween

Halloween is famous for street celebrations, shopping, and sharing candies. However, unlike most other celebrations, this years’ experience may not be exactly as anticipated.

Some families may consider canceling Halloween parties and celebrations or rethink their activities for safety during these difficult times. However, there are ways to be safe and still continue some of the holiday cheer you know and love.

Why You Should Make Safety Considerations During the Halloween Holidays

Halloween is characterized by kids sharing snacks out of the same candy bowls and lots of community organizations and events. While it may be a joyous time, the risk of germs being transmitted from one household to another is much higher during Halloween festivities. 

Without trick-or-treating, Halloween is nothing, but there are low-risk ways you can distribute candies this year. Consider regularly sanitizing your hands after dishing out goodies to your neighborhood trick-or-treaters. As well as using a scoop or ladle can help you distribute candies without touching each one. 

Carving pumpkins is a beloved fall tradition and a central Halloween theme that defines neighborhood and family fun. However, the activity impedes social distancing and safety during the pandemic. The hands-on elements of Halloween celebrations increase the risk of the transfer of germs, viruses, and illnesses. Don’t forget to wear a mask to stay safe when up-close and personal with friends and family!

Tips for Safe Halloween Celebrations

1. Have A Family Indoor Costume Party

Participating in overcrowded Halloween parties increases the risk of spreading germs and viruses. Having a party at home with close family and probably a few friends will increase safety. Don’t forget to cover your home with Halloween props to set the mood!


If you want to enjoy this Halloween activity with the neighborhood, there is an option to host a virtual costume contest. This way, you can maintain social distance and embrace the Halloween season, all while staying safe.

2. Embrace Alternatives to Trick-Or-Treat

The best part about Halloween is the sugary treats. However, picking treats from the same candy bowls is a high risk for the spread of germs. There are safe ways to distribute the treats and alternatives to trick-or-treating. 

Setting distribution tables with individually wrapped candies will help minimize the spread of germs through contact. Having the snacks in a bowl, in the driveway, will also minimize the spread of germs to your family.

To maintain the Halloween fun, alternatives like a scavenger or egg hunt work great! For instance, cups and baskets can be packed with different candies, and kids are tricked into picking. Candies can also be individually wrapped and hung along fences for the kids to find. And don’t forget to have some hand sanitizer nearby so that the kids can clean their hands after wolfing down all those sugary treats!

3. Outdoor Costume Contests and Parades

You can make the most out of your Halloween holiday with outdoor costume contests but be sure of social distancing. While Halloween cloth masks may not work like the recommended protective masks, combined with other safety measures, you can prevent the spread of germs. Kids can show off their costumes and enjoy the festivities, even if it is different from previous years.

4. Have A Halloween Movie Night with Your Family

A Halloween-themed movie night is a great way to stay safe and still enjoy the festivities with friends, family, and neighbors. Get a projector, start a fire and make sure everyone is staying safe and socially distant. Put on something the kids will love and get some drinks together for the adults. It might be a bit different than you’d like but this is one of the easiest ways to get dressed up with loved ones, stay socially distant and enjoy this classic fall-time festival!

5. Have A Drive Around Your Community

A drive or walk around your neighborhood waving to neighbors is a safe alternative to going door-to-door. This is an opportunity to parade your costume and see others and maintain community fun while at the same time preventing the spread of germs and bacteria. If you want to gift food to friends and family, you can distribute it without making contact by leaving the packages at their yards or driveway. 


Safe Halloween Celebrations During the Pandemic

Halloween is a social celebration, which makes it a high-risk gathering for the spreading of germs. There is a need to reshape the activities to keep your family and the community safe. Safe precautions to activities like treat-or-tricking and pumpkin carving should be adopted. 

You should limit interactions with family members and people you don’t live with. Thus, Halloween movie nights, virtual costume contests, and indoor family parties are highly encouraged. Instead of going door to door delivering gifts and greeting your friends, drive or walk around the neighborhood and wave from a distance. Ensure adequate supply of Muse Health hand sanitizers and face masks, regular hand washing, and social distancing. If you have kids, inspect the treats they bring home before they eat them.

While this year’s celebrations might not be ideal, using these helpful tips and tricks will help keep your family safe. The kids will still enjoy themselves as long as they get a big bag of candy and you will be more than deserving of a few celebratory drinks after this Halloween. Now it’s time to put out those decorations and start baking that pumpkin pie!