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  • 10 Tips for Staying Healthy this Winter | Muse Health

    With shorter days and colder weather, winter can be a trying time of the year. Many people find themselves developing unwanted habits such as staying seated for long periods, eating junk food, or watching television and movies all day long. Although winter isn’t associated with health and wellness, it is important to stay an active participant in your health journey all year long.
  • How Effective is Alcohol at Killing Germs and Bacteria? | Muse Health

    In the middle of a global pandemic like COVID-19, there are certain questions that come to mind. As the world becomes more health care conscious and continues learning about pathogens and microbes, one such question is: how effective is alcohol at killing germs and bacteria? The short answer is very effective. However, there are certain caveats that need to be accounted for if you want the most effective solution possible. Working like a wonder drug, alcohol has become the go-to active ingredient in several cleaning agents. A powerful antiseptic, alcohol is much more complex than meets the eye. Below you’ll learn about alcohol and whether it truly is effective in fighting off diseases.
  • Do Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizers Kill Bacteria and Germs? | Muse Health

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  • How to stay safe during quarantine

    Before looking for solutions to combat the Coronavirus, knowing how it spreads is important. Experts state that the Coronavirus spreads mainly from person-to-person contact. In other words, being close to others leaves you at risk of contracting the virus. And while many have adopted the tactic of avoiding anyone that is coughing or sneezing, a person that is the picture of good health could unknowingly carry the virus. When it comes to Coronavirus, treating every person with the same amount of caution will keep you safe.