Tips for Staying Healthy on Your Last Trip to the Beach this Summer

The nights now come with a cool breeze and the sun sets earlier with each passing day. For most of us, it won't be long before the air is filled with falling leaves and school buses start showing up in front of our homes. All signs point to the end of this blissful season but it’s not quite time to throw in the towel on you and your family’s summer. 

Whether you are heading to Greece for one final retreat or simply down the street to your local pool, being safe and enjoying time outside has never been more paramount. With that in mind, we have to make the most out of these remaining few weeks and continue to focus on the health and wellness of our loved ones. The late summer sunlight can be just as damaging to our skin as the sun in Mid-July and even when you escape the heat inside, air conditioning can dry out your skin leaving you cracked and flakey. 

These final joyous moments of summer can be ruined when you leave an essential product sitting on the counter while you rush out the door. As you pack your bag to leave:

  • Don’t forget your sunglasses
  • Don’t forget the hand sanitizer
  • Definitely don’t forget the kids

We hope that these tips and tricks will ease the stress of penultimate excursions, before school shopping and scholastic learning start up again this fall.  

  1. Being Mindful

The mid-day heat, going for a swim and a glass of wine with lunch have the makings for a perfect August afternoon. However, all of the aspects of this playful trifecta will dehydrate you and your skin. Without drinking plenty of water and hydrating your skin, you may resemble a stuffed lobster by days’ end. Along with staying socially distant from others at the snack bar and keeping your family in line, it can be difficult to take care of everything during these hectic summer outings. 

We suggest planning ahead and scheduling with your family before arriving at the pool or the beach. There are a number of ways to plan ahead but here are a few that may be helpful:

  • Determine when and where your kids would like to eat
  • Create meeting points and boundaries for when your kids want to venture off with their siblings or friends
  • Keep a couple bottles of tap water with you to help your kids wash their hands of sand and saltwater
  • To help with hygiene and safety on-the-go keep a bottle of Muse Health Hand Sanitizer, which kills 99.9% of germs and keeps your skin hydrated and healthy in the summer heat

In the midst of this commotion, everyone will encounter new surfaces and germs from places they don’t visit frequently. Muse Health will allow your kids to eat all the greasy fries, chicken tenders and lobster rolls they please while providing you with peace of mind. Along with avoiding those long lines to wash-up in public bathrooms, which often cause public health concerns without the presence of a pandemic. 

  1. Keeping Covered

Alongside your sunscreen, bug spray, aloe vera and hand sanitizer, you should also bring a book or sketchbook to enjoy during your time out of the sun. It is important to fully cover your body while trying to escape direct rays. This doesn’t mean wearing a wet suit on the hottest day of the year, but more simply deploying methods of staying in the shade, even when there is none. 

  • Get an oversized beach umbrella
    • Provide shade for the whole family on the beach or at the pool
    • Often lightweight and designed to come and go as you wish

And while sand seems to find its way into everything you bring to the beach, at least you’ll be able to stay in the shade seaside. Umbrellas also coincide with one of the most essential summer accessories, sunglasses. 

  • Stay cool with a fresh pair of shades
    • Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and aid in taking that novel 3 p.m. nap on the beach
    • Add some glamour to your beach outfit

Whether you are a fashionista in the newest pair, or a minimalist in the $10 pair you bought seven years ago at the beach bodega; sunglasses provide protection from the elements and an ample opportunity to make a statement. However, don’t let your feet dangle outside the umbrella shade or else you might be leaving the beach a bit slower than you arrived. 

  • Cover-Up Garment
    • A light shirt or pair of pants that are breathable and lightweight but aid in minimizing unwanted sun exposure
    • See-through garments will still allow UV rays to touch your skin but fabrics such as linen are light and perfect for beach attire
    • As the sun dips towards the horizon, a cover-up garment can double as loungewear for your nighttime bonfires
  1. Staying Safe

August comes with fun, heat, bugs and germs. Germs don't obey seasons and viruses travel faster when temperatures get cooler, so hand sanitizers should be an essential part of your August summer beach baskets. Whether you are making burgers on the grill or playing moonlight volleyball, you will need an easy and convenient way to cleanse your hands of microbes.

Muse Health provides a quick and effective solution to beachside hygiene. The hydrating formula is perfect for tired, hot hands after a day by the shore and it contains a geranium and sugar scent that leaves your hands smelling great. It is free from harmful ingredients like parabens, dyes, and synthetics so you don't have to worry about getting irritated skin after a long day. As well as the Vitamin E ingredient helps protect against UV radiation and treats skin inflammation. 

Now your family getaway is packed up and ready to go, the kids are excited for the trip but dreading the return to school they know comes after. The rest and relaxation of the past few months have been a welcome break from the stress of the past year and everything that has come with it. The only thing missing from your summer getaway bag now, is something to stop the summer from ending!



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