Welcoming People Back Into Your Home This Fall

The recent and ongoing social crisis has been a real damper on your social life. Whether you like to regularly gather with family, welcome traveling relatives, or host old friends in the guest room. It's no surprise that people are looking forward to seeing family during this holiday season after being distant from loved ones for so long. This fall, it's time to get ready to welcome guests into your home in a safe and conscious way.

You’ll want to redecorate, spruce up the guest spaces, and also prepare to maintain safety in the home as you mix households for the first time in months.  Get ready to welcome back your favorite guests this fall!

Preparing Your Home for Guests

Embrace your desire to redecorate. When guests arrive at your house, you get motivated to show your home's best side.  Autumn is a great time to redecorate with rich and warm color palettes that will keep you feeling toasty all winter long.

  •         Hang winter curtains in warm, festive colors
  •         You can change out your table cloths and hand towels
  •         Switch up your wall decor to help your home feel more welcoming for the season

Refresh the Guest Room

Turn your guest room inside out.

  •         Change the bedding
  •         Switch out what's stored in the closet, and brighten up the decor
  •         Add a pine wreath to the window to bring in the autumnal cheer

Make it space guests would feel delighted to relax in and can act as a sanctuary for guests who are tired or need space. 

Get Ready for Conversational Seating

Nothing is more welcoming than sitting together, circled up for conversation. Pull your couches and chairs into a circle in the living room to create a space where family can spend all hours sitting and chatting. Decorate your seats with welcoming throw pillows and cozy blankets. Invite your guests to curl up and relax as you pass the autumn time together. Put out some snacks for each person and some Muse Health; so people can cleanse their hands before digging into their respective snack bowls.

A fireplace is a wonderful center for your conversation circle. If you have one, stock up on prepped logged and spiced pinecones. Enjoy a cozy fire any night when the family wants to gather. For social distancing, spread out your friendly seating a little further and encourage relatives to sit by household. If the weather is nice, set up outdoor seating where the open air will make socializing with loved ones safer.

Planning for a Viral-Safe Family Gathering

One of the greatest challenges of the holidays this year is socializing safely with germ exposure in mind. How can you design your home to welcome guests and family while also keeping everyone safe during their holiday visits?

Decorate Side-Tables with Clean Safety Supplies

You can minimize the risk at home with diligent cleanliness. In addition to keeping a clean home and regularly cleaning surfaces, you can also ask everyone to keep their hands sanitized by placing sanitizer around the house. Of course, sanitizer is pretty drying so you'll either want a moisturizing sanitizer like Muse Health. You can make masking easy with a few baskets of clean washable masks with a back-strap that anyone can wear.

Take Care in the Kitchen

Food safety is critical during this year's safe holiday family time. You can keep everyone safe with three approaches:

  •         The first is clean food prepared by a healthy or masked chef
  •         The second is careful plate distribution without shared dishes
  •         The last is seating your family with immunities in mind.

Serve Plates from a Clean Kitchen

Make sure everyone who prepares the food is wearing a mask so each platter and plate is guaranteed safe. Make constant hand-washing a priority and keep hands healthy by placing a moisturizing hand sanitizer like Muse Health by the sink.

Next, make sure to serve plates directly from the kitchen instead of shared and passed-around dishes. Plates from the kitchen can go directly into family members’ hands, one person at a time. This ensures each person can handle their own dinner plate.

Seat Based on Household

If you are worried about dinner table seating you can still seat everyone close for family dinner, just arrange your seating by household and vaccination status to protect at-risk family members. Set up your holiday dinner seating arrangement to ensure at-risk family members are sitting nearest vaccinated relatives while the most exposed relatives are seated safely with their equally active kin.

Welcoming Guests Into Your Home This Fall

You can absolutely open up your home to guests and family this autumn and the upcoming holiday season. The key is to plan ahead so that everyone is as comfortable and as safe as possible when they visit. Redesign your guest rooms for cozy comfort and optional entertainment. Rearrange your furniture for a spacious yet inviting conversation circle. Prepare for friends and relatives coming by road trip, train, or airplane and the special consideration traveling relatives may need. 

With just a little forward planning and a few great decorating ideas, you can get ready to welcome people back into your home as the seasons change. Now is the time to keep your family comfortable and safe with Muse Health moisturizing sanitizer and other seasonal preparations!