Why it is important to use USA based FDA approved Hand Sanitizers and use Hand Sanitizers with lasting hydration

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Although always viewed as a helpful item, hand sanitizers have become must-have items in efforts to stay protected during the COVID-19 pandemic. Portable and easy to use, hand sanitizers are viewed as the perfect supplement to hand washing with soap and water.

However, with an increased demand for hand sanitizer, several new companies and hand sanitizer brands have emerged to provide alternatives to your household names. Recently, it was reported that hand sanitizers imported from Mexico were placed on “import alert” due to misinformation of ingredients used in formulations.

At the forefront of this decision is the US Food and Drug Administration. Otherwise known as the FDA, this organization performs special and diligent investigations to ensure the products you use are safe. With hand sanitizers in Mexico testing positive for methanol contamination, the work of the FDA is important.

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What is the FDA?

The FDA is an organization made specifically for the protection of public health. It ensures these protections by regulating the manufacturing and distribution of drugs, medical devices, and biological products.

The FDA is also tasked with advancing public health efforts by helping create public innovations that make medical products, safer, and affordable for the general public. Through constant testing, the FDA is able to provide United States citizens with accurate and up-to-date information. This becomes vital when science-based information is needed to make decisions concerning what foods
and over-the-counter medical products to use on your body.

The FDA also plays a role in the United States’ counterterrorism efforts. It does so through the development of medical products created in response to a public health emergency and by making sure that the distribution of incoming food supply is well kept.

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Why is FDA compliance important?

Because the FDA is solely responsible for testing and ensuring the safety of products that are imported and originated from the United States, being compliant with its strict criteria helps both the business and consumer.
The concept of compliance can be complex but in its simplest form, the FDA ensures that your product does what it claims to do. It also helps to label an acceptable ingredient, mitigating safety concerns.

For example, if a company wants to use an ingredient but also make a claim that it can treat throat infections, the company is allowed to make those claims if the FDA found that the use of this ingredient helped treat that ailment.

On the other hand, a company or individual entity cannot make misleading claims if their formula has not been approved by the FDA. Using a product without approval can cause adverse events to the nervous system.
When a distributor is able to get the stamp of approval from the FDA, it means that it has been proven to pass guidelines set by this organization. Having strict and harsh consequences for lying to the public and selling products that give consumers false hope helps keep the marketplace as clean as possible.

Through compliance, it becomes much easier for the market to become transparent and more importantly stay safe.

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Why FDA approved hand sanitizers are important

With increased awareness of the importance of hand hygiene, hand sanitizers have remained a hot topic. With the most effective hand sanitizers containing a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended over 60 percent alcohol concentration, it may seem that any sanitizer off the shelf would work.

Just like lotions, antibacterial hand sanitizers are products that come in contact with the body and are absorbed through the skin. As seen with hand sanitizers that were imported from Mexico, these formulas may have ingredients that cause harm and even methanol poisoning. Methanol exposure can have toxic effects from skin irritation to decreased levels of consciousness.

Before a brand is able to sell its products in the American market, it has to comply with FDA standards. The FDA is constantly monitoring the market looking for new ingredients and brands that may cause harm to the general public.

The FDA has developed a list of hand sanitizers that are considered dangerous. This list along with other guidance documents helps keep drug manufacturers informed. These hand sanitizers are considered dangerous because they contain harmful ingredients like methanol. It is recommended that businesses and consumers make it a habit of continually checking the list to ensure that they avoid any potential health issues.

When you use a USA based FDA approved hand sanitizer it not only fulfills the requirement of killing germs but also protects you from adverse effects.
Even with FDA approval, it is important to keep hand sanitizer products out of the reach of children to avoid accidental ingestion. If you suspect that ingestion occurred call the poison control centers or contact health care professionals. Make sure to read the labeling of products for lists of active ingredients, directions, storage information.

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Why hydration matters

Hand sanitizers are created with the sole purpose of killing bacteria and leaving your hands feeling clean. However, with its high concentration of alcohol (ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol), it can have the unwanted effect of drying hands. When opting for a hand sanitizer, it should be a priority to find one that offers both instant protection and lasting hydration. While using a hydrating lotion can accomplish the goal of adding moisture back to the skin, a hand sanitizer should also incorporate ingredients that help to prevent the total loss of moisture.

Although hand sanitizer formulas may seem the same, they all differ. When checking the back of a bottle, pay special attention to the ingredients section. In this section, you should look out for common moisturizing ingredients like glycerin or vitamin E. One common misconception about moisturizing ingredients is that they add hydration to the skin. These ingredients instead retain moisture and prevent it from escaping when in contact with alcohol.

Dry hands not only feel bad but can also lead to the formation of infections if wounds are still fresh or have reopened. Having hydrating ingredients inside formulas makes the constant use of hand sanitizers more manageable.

The hand sanitizer you choose matters

Picking the correct hand sanitizer can be a daunting task. With several brands sold at retailers, it’s important to understand the importance of using an FDA approved hand sanitizer. As the organization responsible for providing the public and businesses with scientifically proven information, finding antiseptic hand sanitizers that not only kill bacteria but keep you and young children safe is incredibly important.