Health 101

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    You'll be hard-pressed to find a hand sanitizer out there today that doesn't contain either isopropyl alcohol or ethyl alcohol. While these ingredi...
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    If we told you about the current situation several years ago, you wouldn't believe a word of it. Yet, here we are, depending on hand sanitizers, as...
  • 5 Germ Myths: The Truth Uncovered | Muse Health

    Due to their elusive nature to us humans, germs have developed a mysterious reputation amongst many people, as was certainly the case during the terrible Black Plague of the middle ages—or, more recently, the coronavirus. In reality, countless healthcare professionals and CDC experts have studied germs closely to understand them better and to help separate the fact from the fiction.
  • Welcoming People Back Into Your Home This Fall

    The recent and ongoing social crisis has been a real damper on your social life. Whether you like to regularly gather with family, welcome travelin...
  • Giving One Back to Those in Need

    Germs are everywhere, and extra precautions need to be taken to help stop them from spreading. While some germs are good and help us develop a well...
  • What Does Proper Hygiene After the COVID Vaccine Look Like? | Muse Health

    Many vaccinated people are accidentally placing too much faith in their shots and are forgetting how to stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, they start to relax their guard and gain a higher risk of infection in public. So what does proper hygiene look like after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine? Let’s dive in!
  • Do Hand Sanitizers Help With Allergies? | Muse Health

    Allergies are certainly no laughing matter, and it’s advisable to invest in good air filtration systems and quality disinfectants for surfaces—including your own skin.
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    Just because Labor Day looks more like a typical long weekend doesn’t mean you can’t plan something special around it. Here are five ways to celebrate Labor Day weekend if you’re out of ideas.
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    Germs are everywhere, and that is a part of life we have to accept. There are many ways to keep germs away from you, but just as many places to com...
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    The same productive things we used to do just aren’t sticking as easily as we get back to our normal routines. So what can we do to stay committed to the things that matter most? How can we live more sustainably with our health, work, and life goals? Here are three tips on how to form and rediscover good habits—and keep them!