Thank you to all who joined in on the #HandsOnMovement. You can watch the video below to learn more about the movement and the winners!

Our Mission

Welcome to the Muse Health #HandsOnMovement! As a company in the business of helping hands, we aim to encourage, empower and enable our customers to live life hands on. We believe this approach brings positive change and creates a ripple effect of goodness, impacting countless lives in countless ways. It starts with the confidence that comes from feeling safe and protected.

When the pandemic hit, we met the growing need for essential products with a hand sanitizer that both protects and hydrates hands, and quickly put it into the hands of those in need. Others mobilized too taking matters into their own hands—showing up in service. Using their personal platforms and talents, individuals took to the streets and social media to lift up others--helping us navigate our new norms with inspiration and intention.

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, show your hand and share your story. Join our #HandsOnMovement!

Our Criteria

From February 8th through March 19th, we invite you to nominate a modern-day muse (you or someone you know) who exemplifies the spirit of the #HandsOnMovement. From the local restaurateur who, even while navigating new regulations, serves up family-sized meals for takeaway (and maybe a roll of toilet paper and a dozen eggs), to the teacher who finds creative ways – online and off – to keep their kids learning, to the unknown and unheralded who entertain us with their incredible gifts of song, dance and comedic relief.

Our Products

Muse Health provides you with the germ-free, soft hands you need to be able to reach out and make an impact on your life and the lives of others. Our fast-acting hand sanitizer contains 62% Ethyl Alcohol and kills 99.9% of germs in just 15 seconds leaving you with instant protection. The unique gel-cream texture is packed with vitamin E and glycerin to lock in moisture for soft, noticeably healthy hands, even after multiple uses. The fragrance-free hand sanitizer is infused with lime oil to neutralize the smell of alcohol leaving a natural, citrus scent.

Our Muses

To help us collect and share these powerful stories, we’ve hand-picked a passionate team of storytellers who themselves exemplify the #HandsOnMovement in action. With their help, we invite you to nominate yourself or someone you know to join the #HandsOnMovement.

Ashley LeMieux


Heather Brooker


Brittani Lancaster


Courtnie Hamel


Blair Imani


Aisha Beau


Hannah & Alia