Muse Health Fragrance Free Hand Sanitizer

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Sometimes the best fragrance is no fragrance. Introducing Muse Antibacterial Fragrance Free Hand Sanitizer. No overbearing scent, and infused with essential oil to neutralize the alcohol aroma. Based on our breakthrough moisturizing formula, Muse Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer continues to be effective at eliminating many common harmful germs and bacteria in as little as 15 seconds, while simultaneously moisturizing your hands.

Dual Action Sanitizing + Moisturizing Formula
Our 62% Ethyl Alcohol formula effectively kills bacteria and prevents further spreading, while our combination of Vitamin E, humectants (glycerin), emollients (isopropyl palmitate & citrus oil), and occlusives (ammonium polyacryloyldimethyl taurate) that are found in high-end lotions, creates a glove of nourishing moisture.

62% Ethyl Alcohol
Some "hand sanitizers" contain no alcohol at all. Other products use alcohol derived from sources not meant for our skin and hands. Muse Hand Sanitizer is made of ethyl alcohol, one of the approved sources from the FDA, and is at 62% Alcohol by weight, which meets the recommendations from the CDC.

Enriched with Vitamin E
While alcohol is effective at killing bacteria, it can also dry your hands. Containing Vitamin E, our antibacterial hand sanitizer ensures that your hands will be feel soft and smooth, even with multiple uses.

Infused with Essential Oil
The smell of alcohol can be strong initially. That's why we've infused our antibacterial hand sanitizer with Citrus Aurantifolia Oil to both neutralize the smell of alcohol, and aid in locking in moisture for your hands.