Muse Health Hand Sanitizer

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Made In USA  |  5 Business Day Shipping |  62% Alcohol

Everyone needs a little assurance. With viruses and the flu running rampant, making sure that your hands are clean at all times is of a high priority. MUSE 8 oz, antibacterial hand sanitizer stops the spread of bacteria by bringing together an intense cleaning effect wrapped inside of a safe to the touch formula. Containing 62% denatured ethyl alcohol, this sanitizer is characterized by a cooling sensation, that provides a sense of relief from the outset. 

Killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria, this sanitizer on the go will keep your hands squeaky clean. Made without being tested on animals, MUSE antiseptic hand sanitizer is created with both high quality ingredients and intent. Packaged inside of a sturdy bottle, you can go from home to the office without the risk of spills. 

Whatever the occasion, this hand sanitizer will help you and your family fight unwelcome bacteria. Always stay ready with a sanitizer that acts as the ultimate shield.