Hand Sanitizer Leaves You High and Dry? New Research Suggests You’re Not Alone

Thanks to all the recent developments in disease-fighting initiatives, you don't have to forgo spending time with loved ones during this holiday season. However, this doesn’t mean you can throw caution to the wind! The circumstances the world finds itself in today are still quite precarious. Keeping safe and staying germ-free should be paramount in your mind during this winter. Masks, hand sanitizer, and other helpful items should be just as much a part of your itinerary as the apple orchard, vineyard, or haystack!

Picking the right products to stay safe with is just as important as having the products themselves. Freshly cleaned masks, made of sturdy and protective material, and hand sanitizer made of high-end ingredients are especially important.

Give Your Hands a Break 

Many people dread winter because of the havoc it wreaks on their skin. When combined with frequent washing and sanitizing products, dryness and cracking can become a serious problem.   It will likely come as no surprise to learn that the biggest complaint about using hand sanitizer is dryness. 43% of those who responded to one survey about COVID-19 safety precautions reported this was their biggest concern with the product. 

Dry skin is a hassle for most people. Some people may not even notice when their hands are dry. However, dry skin may be itchy or painful. In addition, your skin can flake off, and if it is dry enough, it might crack or bleed and leave you susceptible to infection.

When you consider how often you use your hands for daily tasks, dry skin can become a problem quickly. Fortunately, you've got options when it comes to keeping your skin moisturized and comfortable.

Choose a Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

It's important to use moisturizing hand sanitizer. Things like vitamin E, lime oil, and glycerin, in a gel sanitizer are important ingredients to look for. They separate the typical sanitizer brands from those that use high-grade ingredients and care about the consumer’s skin. These are especially important if you're one of the one-third of people who use sanitizer on their hands more than once per hour. In addition, conscientious consumers will love that Muse Health products are vegan

If you're bothered by the smell of most hand sanitizer products, Muse Health offers two formulas: unscented and Geranium & Sugar scent. You can even buy the scented option in gallon containers if your family uses a lot of hand sanitizer!

Use Lotion Frequently

Apply hand cream or lotion to your freshly washed hands to further reduce dry skin and all its discomfort. Generally speaking, the thicker the product, the better it adds moisture to your skin. However, some formulas are too greasy to let you accomplish all the tasks on your to-do list, so you might consider different lotions for use at different times of the day.

Treat Your Hands Overnight

Another way to prevent dryness from becoming an issue is to give them a deep treatment. Overnight works best because you'll be asleep and won't be using your hands. 

Coat your hands in a deeply moisturizing product. Petroleum jelly works well because it is an occlusive that prevents water from evaporating off your skin. Products containing humectants will actually pull moisture from the air to your skin.

Put on a pair of gloves (cotton or latex both work) or mittens. Socks will do, too. If you want, you can invest in spa gloves that have a gel lining to even further prevent moisture from leaving your skin.  However, they are not necessary. Keep your hands covered overnight to allow the product to soak into your skin. 

While it's easiest to deep treat your hands with moisture while you sleep, you can still benefit from treating your hands during the waking hours. For example, try wearing gloves while watching TV. Or you can cut off the index fingertip from your glove so you can still type on your phone. Using fingerless gloves or cutting off all the fingertips means you can still type, but it might be easier if someone else can give you a hand when applying your lotion. Otherwise, your fingers will be free but coated.

It's essential to wash your gloves often and use fresh disposable gloves to prevent lotion residue from breaking down and forming free radicals, which can age the skin on your hands. You can toss cotton gloves in the wash to remove any leftover product.

Gloves also come in handy when you're outside. Wear them to protect your hands from extreme temperatures, wind, and sun. Keeping your hands in your pockets can also help, but then they're unusable. If you need to use your phone while wearing gloves, you have two options. You can buy gloves intended for use with a touch screen or use a stylus instead.

Protect Your Hands

Combined with moisturizing products and hand washing whenever possible, these tips can prevent your hands from being dry, itchy, and uncomfortable whether from hand sanitizer or simply living in a dry environment.

Of course, sometimes you can't wash your hands, and hand sanitizer is a must. That's when Muse Health comes to the rescue with their moisturizing and fast-acting hand sanitizer. Order a bottle today to add to your car or cubicle.