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Your hands tell a story. We want to know yours.

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Instant Protection

Made with 62% ethyl alcohol, this fast-acting hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs in just 15 seconds.

Lasting Hydration

A rich, nourishing serum of vitamin E, lime oil, and glycerin gives the formula its unique gel-cream texture and helps lock in moisture. Hands are left soft, supple, and noticeably healthy.

Consciously Crafted

Muse Health Hand Sanitizer is vegan and cruelty free. It is made without harmful ingredients like parabens, dyes, petrochemicals, and synthetics.

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Tried & true reviews

Don't want hands that are so dry that you'd rather have the germs?? THEN THIS IS FOR YOU.

Kills bacteria AND it's moisturizing? Lots of reviews said this and I doubted it b/c I've heard/read it before. But this stuff is the real deal.

Seriously, You don't wanna miss out.

Kristina H.

The product itself is great! It’s not harsh on my hands like some products, good consistency, good price! I think it might be my “go to” hand sanitizer even after more popular ones become available.

I ordered a few more for me and my family. It’s good stuff. :)

Patrick M.

This is the BEST smelling hand sanitizer by far! The smell is soft, not harsh like most other sanitizers that are overloaded with alcohol. This makes it great for kids.

Since we are all in need nowadays of sanitizer I highly recommend to buy this one! You get a lot for your buck! A full 8oz bottle is a great size, yet easy enough to fit in a small bag. Load up on it!

Jess C.

Health 101